A coalition between stakeholders from the agriculture sector and wild elephant conservation, to manage human-elephant conflict responsibly and promote safe passages for wild elephant movements over a large landscape.


Officially Launched
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GPS Movement Data of Wild Elephants in Johor


Estates Involved

A goal to achieve at least 70% feel safe at the end of the project

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Number of people living in the estates that are experiencing conflict

5 potential elephant movement corridors were identified together with the plantations. The project will focus on two corridors as a start.  

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Potential Wildlife Corridors Proposed

Project Overview

Human-elephant conflict is one of the major threats to the global population of wild Asian elephants, and the issue calls for holistic approaches to transform conflict into coexistence. Achieving Coexistence with Elephants (ACE) Project was launched for the southern landscape of Peninsular Malaysia, involving plantations in the state of Johor. This project is supported by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks and Department of Forestry of Peninsular Malaysia, and contributes to our National Elephant Conservation Action Plan and the Central Forest Spine Masterplan. This project is among the first human-elephant coexistence initiatives in Peninsular Malaysia, using a large landscape approach and involving collaboration from multi-agencies. 

Our Partners

All stakeholders play a crucial role in supporting our conservation efforts and being part of the solution.